July 2021Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies was the topic of conversation in MoneyMagpie’s session hosted by Jasmine Birtles with Gary Nuttall, Jonny Fry and Eiren Newton.  Watch: HERE

June 2021Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies – Why entrepreneurs need to learn about emerging technologies like these and how Gary Nuttall developed a simple three step framework to understand them. Listen: HERE

June 2021NFT’s – Hype or Reality ? was the question posed by Stacey Mankoff to Gary Nuttall in this edition of the The Bellringer – Conversations with Thought Leaders episode. Watch: HERE

May 2021 – There’s a lot happening in the blockchain and particularly NFT domains currently and it was great to be interviewed as part of the #fyggex VIP Insiders series on my thinking about blockchain and NFT’s now and in the future. Read: HERE

May 2021The impact of Technology on meaningful work – Part of the #InsideGROWTH series of Podcasts with Shannon Eastman. In this episode she talks to Emerging Technology Consultant Gary Nuttall about how technology is transforming our working lives. Listen: HERE

April 2021NFT’s beyond Digital Art – Gary Nuttall interviewed with Nick Emmons, CEO, Upshot on MarketScale TV by Voice of B2B, Daniel Litwin who was asking probing questions about NFT’s *beyond digital art” and what impact they’re having on companies and how firms are developing business cases. Watch: HERE

April 2021 – The Camelot Network member spotlight is on Gary Nuttall. Read: HERE

April 2021MoneyMagpie roundtable with Jasmine Birtles who asks Jeff Prestridge, Personal Finance Editor of the Mail on Sunday, Shon Alam, founder of bidwedge and Gary Nuttall, Emerging Technology Consultant , – Are we going into a cashless society ? Listen: HERE

February 2021 – Why you need to know about Bitcoin- An interview by MioneyMagpie’s Jasmine Birtles with Gary Nuttall. Listen: HERE

January 2021Fintech predictions for 2021 with Tech Roundtable – what the experts say. A series of thought leaders, including Gary Nuttall, offer their predictions for the year. Read: HERE