Bringing together two organisations enables synergies to develop where 1 + 1 = 3

Global Channels brings its expertise in Outsourced Business Development for Paytech and Fintech Companies


Distlytics provides education, consultancy and advisory services

Together, we offer access to our global ecosystem and partnership network to help our clients. Depending upon where their organisation is in terms of how established it is and its level of crypto awareness, maturity is we provide a range of services.

For those who are just beginning to explore or who are considering launching a cryptocurrency-based business, we can provide:

Business Development:
We help open new business opportunities for your company. Whether it’s seeing new ways to develop existing opportunities or finding new routes to market, we offer a blend of creative and strategic thinking, analysis, communication, negotiation and influencing skills that are all essential when helping you grow your business.
We can also help with market validation, penetration, expansion, and diversification. Often, we’re asked to advise on product development, given the deep insights we gather during our projects.

Sales Channel Development:
Whether selling direct or indirect, we can help define your ideal customer or partner profile and then utilize our global Paytech and Fintech network to build long term, sustainable sales, and partner channels.

Value Proposition & marketing Collateral Development
Plenty of start-ups and SME’s (especially those in the Paytech space) struggle to tell their story in a simple, straightforward way. The challenge usually arises because you’re deeply entrenched in what you do daily and find it hard to see things from an outsider’s perspective. We help you take that step back and see the problems you’re solving from your customer or partners perspective. Then we help build the right words and pictures to showcase your business to potential customers.

Payment Solutions:
In emerging high-risk markets like crypto and CBD, finding the right banking partner or merchant acquirer can be extremely challenging. We help you showcase the value of your business and find the best financial partner to match your needs. We have solid partnerships in place and can often save you considerable time and money by leveraging our trusted network of providers. We’re delighted to act as your payment’s concierge.

Technologies are often shrouded in jargon and unnecessary complexity which makes them difficult to understand. With extensive experience in exploring and implementing technologies we remove the hype and mystery and explain technologies, benefits, risks and opportunities in business terms. With extensive experience in delivering training programs to organisations across many industries, we provide bespoke training in the use of emerging technologies that can be delivered remotely or in person as webinars, workshops and masterclasses.

You may understand a technology sufficiently but need additional, short term, expertise and skills to support you in evaluating and implementing it. Our consultants can guide you through evaluation, selection, exploration and implementation. They can augment your organisation’s capabilities and provide an invaluable external perspective bringing their experiences of other projects, organisations and industries to help you to avoid many of the pitfalls that others have gone through.

Advisory Services:
Providing an independent, external, perspective on an ad-hoc can be invaluable to an organization. Being external means it cannot be undertaken by an employee and you may not wish to engage for consultancy services on a fixed term basis. Engaging an advisory capability on a retained basis works well for those organisations that need to be able to call upon external expertise but not on a regular basis.

If you’re an existing firm For established companies looking to expand into cryptocurrencies, we provide:

KYC / AML / CTF Processes and services:
Traditional requirements to undertake Due Diligence, Know Your Customer (KYC), Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Counter Terrorist Financing (CTF), Sanctions Checking, Politically Exposed Person (PEP) checking and Source of Funds are areas of increasing concern in both the traditional finance and emerging cryptocurrency markets. We have access to specialists and tools that can be deployed to lessen the burden on your operations and reduce your risks.

Dispute Resolution:
Through our network we are able to provide access to dispute resolution expertise, including options to manage the possible costs that a dispute process may normally entail. Sometimes the cost of pursuing a disputed claim through the legal process can be prohibitive. We are able to facilitate alternative remediation and resolution services that ensure that the costs are not excessive.

Licensing and Regulatory support:
With our experience of working with clients across multiple jurisdictions we are able to help you through the complexity of regulatory, supervisory and licencing requirements. Worldwide, cryptoasset regulation is rapidly evolving and some regulators are more crypto friendly than others. We can assist in describing the regulatory landscape and use our experience and expertise in licencing processes to help with your application process.

Ideal for startups and firms extending their operations to include cryptoassets, cryptocurrencies and cryptotokens. We have a combined experience of over fifty years in commerce, payments and financial services

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